About Me!

Hey there!
Thanks for your interest in learning more about LifewithTanay =). 
If you have a personal question, are interested in working with me, or just want to say hey then don't hesitate to find my contact information here or just click directly here to send me an email. 

I'm Tanay, if you haven't guessed! 
LifewithTanay is my personal blog where I talk about anything ranging from life, baby talk, products we love, my weave obsession and everything in between. 

Those two handsome boys are mine =).
The big one is my meanie, my boyfriend James. 
The little one is RJ, our love magnified. Without a doubt the sweetest little monster in the world. 
Since this blog is mainly about my life, I write for them and about them on here a lot.

If you've come this far then you're a trooper. =)

Other than writing for my own memories, I write to connect with people out there like you.
Something, somewhere on this blog applies or relates to you. 
Whether it's mommy related, hair related, a helpful product review or something else you may see I hope that you find this blog helpful and interesting enough to stick around!

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