Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello, July! [Monthly Goals]

I seriously CANNOT believe we are in the second half of 2014 already. Before you know it, the year will be coming to an end! I am soooo not ready for winter again it was FREEZING for so long in NYC and now I'll have to adjust to freezing winter temps with a baby! CRAY CRAY! lol. I am excited a new month has begun and with it comes opportunity to get new things accomplished which is VERY important being that I know feel like I have tons of things to do!

one. Get organized! Time is clearly flying and I have so much to organize and prepare before the baby comes. I have TWO houses to clean because.... let's face it men have a completely different vision about cleaning than women do and I seriously want to get things together before I am too big to want to do anything.

two. Figure this baby shower thing out! I'm like half planning my own baby shower. Not even really half planning. IDK WHAT I'M DOING! And that in itself is where the problem lies lol. All I know is I want to have the shower in September which means that it has to be figured out sometime SOON so that people can have enough notice. 

three. Read a book. I'm not sure what book yet but I haven't read a book in FOREVER and I used to go through more than one book a week. I know my reading time will be limited very soon so I want to get some reading done this summer. I'm open to book suggestions! =)

four. Grow my blog. And this is an obvious one which will probably be on my list every month because there is no progress without growth! Anything worth having you have to work hard for. 

five. Drink more water. You would think that being pregnant I would drink more but nope. I still go hours sometimes without drinking anything which I know is suuuuuper bad especially now that it's getting hotter every day. I definitely need to work on keeping myself and baby hydrated. Though, can he get dehydrated in there? I wonder...

What are some of your goals for July? Any good book suggestions? Any volunteers to clean house? LOL.

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  1. These are some great monthly goals, some that I failed to mentioned for myself actually.

    1. Thank you hun! You have some good ones as well!


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