Friday, June 27, 2014

Not Feeling So Wordy: 4 Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Say

So it's been 3 days since my last post and while that's nothing for some people, (and definitely nothing for me, I've disappeared for months on my old blog!) it's definitely not a habit I want to get back into. Everyone is well aware that blogging successfully requires some dedication and if you just aren't into it then ... you just won't have the readership #straightlikethat. There's nothing wrong with blogging every other day or blogging every few days but the key is to be consistent so that your readers know what to expect. So basically, I'm just gonna share some advice/ideas (and take that into next week with me) for what to do when you just can't seem to get the words out and onto your blog .

Idea 1: Schedule posts in advance. This is a somewhat "controversial" idea among some lifestyle bloggers that I've actually read. Some people don't like the idea of scheduling posts in advance or just simply can't because they are waiting for those "life events" to occur that are worthy of blogging about. That's great, but it can leave you without content for days which can sometimes lead to your blog taking a loss. I personally know if I check someones blog for days on end and don't see an update (especially if it's a blog I look forward to reading) it gets annoying and I lose interest. 

Idea 2: Draft posts at least! This is a big big mistake I make all the time. I'll be sitting somewhere random or even typing out my post for the day and then a different idea pops into my head.... and i don't write it down. My mind is constantly on a thousand so it doesn't even take 5 minutes for me to forget the idea. Writing them down (or typing it in your notepad on your phone) at least sets the precedent for you to have extra ideas out there for a day when you don't have something specific planned for your blog. It's nice to have that little mental refresher. 

Idea 3: Wordless Wednesdays, Instablog, Life through My Lens... whatever you want to call it. There are plenty of days (and even more link-ups) when you can post pictures on your blog without having to write a full on post. This can even work for a day/event where it's pretty self explanatory and there isn't much to say word-wise. "A picture is worth a thousand words". Ain't that the saying?

Idea 4: Guest posts! Yea... I'm not saying email your favorite "top blogger" like "hey do you want to guest post on my blog today because I have no idea what to say" because you will most likely get hit with the #BYEFELICIA. LOL. But there are plenty of bloggers out there that want to reach different audiences. This is why networking in the blog community is so important. Reach out to other bloggers so that you can develop a relationship which will open up opportunities for you to get guest posts on your blog/guest post on other blogs (and make friends!! who doesn't love making friends????). Your readers will appreciate hearing something even if it's not from you! And if it's a day you post on someone's blog, some simple forwarding/redirection (i.e, "Hey guys check out my guest post today over on....") will benefit both your blog and your new bloggy friend! 

Do you feel enlightened? LOL. Hopefully I've sparked some ideas for you guys to get that content rolling! Remember that Quality outweighs Quantity when it comes to your blog so don't force it if it's not there. There's nothing worse than reading a crappy post and thinking "that's 60 seconds of my life that I'll never get back". And if you felt that way about this post then please let me know in the comment box so I can ban you from reading! (Kidding!! .... a little ^_^). 

What other ideas do you guys have for when you just can't think of what to blog about?



  1. These are some great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I totally agree with the drafting. I usually get ideas and just write a draft and when words come to me work on it later!
    Come link up with me today!
    -Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife

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  3. I agree whole heartedly with point #2. I would even suggest going a step further than writing notes in your phone, and getting a small notebook to keep in your purse. Mine has come in so much handy for general ideas and inspiration!
    Picked up some good tips here, thanks!

    xo, Krist |

    1. Thank you! Some people would look at me like I was insane suggesting actually WRITING! As a matter of fact I wouldn't have thought of that either LOL. The joys of technology!


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