Friday, June 20, 2014

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Captcha

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That guy up there^^ I loathe him. And you're probably thinking... ummmm you have 4 blog posts ma'am who are you to be giving anyone any bloggy advice... in which my response would be... here because I'm becoming a mommy and I've changed my ways and decided telling people where they can shove their opinions is not very mommy-like (I'm totally, partially joking). Seriously though, this isn't my first trip around blog-land and I had to learn myself that that obnoxious little jerk up there, is just that.

  • It's annoying as hell! Seriously, half the time I go to comment on someones blog and that annoying little box pops up... I want to die. I have to now sit and decipher whatever made up word this is (because whoever captured that image up there got lucky to have two clear and REAL words) which 90% of the time is wrong on the first try and now I have to restart the annoying process all over again. 
  • It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to see on a cell phone. A lot of people are either on-the-go blog readers or just don't feel like opening their computer just to comment on another blog. I personally already don't have the best vision. Paired with me trying to decipher this coding and well....
  • leads me to point three... it can discourage your readers from commenting. And we all love a good blog comment. But if I have to sit there for 5 minutes trying to figure out that crap and I'm on attempt number three and it's STILL telling me it's wrong. Screw it! It's not that real for me. And no one wants that to happen because interaction is one of the best parts of blogging! 

So clearly I just dropped some amazing knowledge on you guys and you all should run to your blogs and remove that annoying spawn immediately. I know some people like to say they have it on for spam purposes but lets face it ...1. If your blog isn't that big then you most likely aren't being over-flooded with spam comments and you can delete them. Don't be lazy. and 2. If number one applies then would you rather no comments at all then like the 1 spam comment you get and the 5 other amazing ones that could come along with it? There are plenty of spam blocking programs (whatever those are called) that you can install that won't drive your readers bat-sh*t crazy like captcha and then its a win-win situation for everyone!

Please... I beg you.... take it off!

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