Thursday, June 19, 2014

BabyLove: Anatomy Scan

I cannot believe that by the time Monday comes I will be halfway done with this pregnancy! It sucks that I started a new blog so late because now you guys only get to hear about it halfway but I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy either way. I had started doing bumpdates on my old blog but my bump at the time didn't seem like it was changing that much and neither were my symptoms.. so it felt kind of redundant.

Anywho, I had my anatomy scan today and I was super anxious/excited for it all day! I'm happy to report (praise God) that the doctor said everything looks amazing and the baby is beautiful! =). He does weigh a pound already which from looking at my "What to Expect" app seems like its huge because they have the average weight as half a pound. I keep thinking about how the heck I'm supposed to push him out if hes almost 10 pounds by the time this is over because I was 5'1 and like 100 pounds when this all began so suuuuper tiny! I'm just happy that he's healthy and all is looking amazing!

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen that I posted a picture up of him already but I'm going to re-share it anyway. And a few more. This may be the only time I get 3d pictures of him also so I was HYPE about that! haha.

She tried to get him to move his hands for like 5 minutes but he was NOT having it. He's also a very active baby so it took about 45 minutes for her to make sure she got all the measurements she needed cause he kept moving away from the ultrasound wand! LOL. Either way I still love his pictures and think he looks adorable! Mothers love? Lol. 


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